Exterior & Interior services

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Exterior Services

Exterior Painting:

  • – Prep work (power washing, scraping, priming)

  • – Painting siding, trim, and other exterior surfaces

  • – Staining or sealing wood elements

  •   including wood, metal siding, stucco, and concrete

  • Siding Installation & Dry Rot Repairs:

    • – Installing new siding

    • – Siding maintenance and cleaning

    • – Removing and replacing rotted wood components

    • Deck and Patio Construction or Refinishing:

      • – Paint & staining new decks or patios

      • – Refinishing or staining existing decks

      • – Repairing or replacing deck boards

      • Exterior Trim and Molding Installation:

        • – Installing or replacing fascia and soffit

        • – Adding or updating exterior trim


Gutter installation

– Removing old gutters and installing new gutters

Industrial & metal Coatings

– Industrial metal coatings for long-lasting protection

 Interior Services

Interior Painting

– Prep work (patching, sanding, priming)

– Painting walls, ceilings, and trim

– Color consultation

Drywall Installation and Repair:

– Hanging drywall

– Taping and mudding

– Drywall patching and repair

Texture Application:

– Applying texture to walls or ceilings

Cabinet Painting or Refinishing:

– Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets

– Updating cabinet hardware


 – Refresh your home or business with a new coat of exterior paint, offering numerous benefits every owner should consider. Enhance curb appeal with a personalized color palette, adding definition and value. Boost property value by up to 55%, making it a cost-effective investment. Beyond aesthetics, exterior painting acts as a protective sealant, guarding against weather damage, moisture, and pests. While it may be tempting to DIY, the complexity and risks make hiring a professional painting company, like Supreme Painting & Decorating, a wise choice. Serving Calgary, Canada, our experienced team ensures optimal results, backed by numerous five-star reviews. Contact us today for expert exterior painting that transforms your space

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